As part of the 14 member volunteer advisory board, Pete Ferguson has lent his voice to the selection of the 2020 finalists and winners. In this article, Pete talks about why it was important for him to join the board, who inspires him and what he hopes for the Inspire Awards in 2021.

Pete Ferguson was honored and humbled to be asked to be a part of the 14-member Inspire Advisory Board. He says he knows that there are so many people who have been a part of the Inspire mission of honoring and celebrating Lincoln’s women leaders and he is proud to be a part of the group. For him, it’s important for everyone to believe in women’s leadership and to do what he can to continue to empower all women.

Although, Pete says, sometimes when talking about “all” women some women get left out. He prefers to put the emphasis on “each and every.” It’s this reason that he is proud to be a part of Inspire where each and every female leader has a chance to be recognized.

Pete has long been surrounded by powerful and inspirational women. His mother was born in the 30s and as a Black woman getting her degrees, raising a family and teaching was a strong influence on his upbringing and future career in education. His wife is a secondary education teacher and is extremely influential in her classroom and her peers.

Pete is also inspired by his daughter, Jaden Ferguson, who was the 2017 Inspire Future Business Leader recipient. Pete remembers how honored Jaden was to have been recognized not just for her success in athletics, which she had received accolades for, but for being the strong bi-racial female she is — a leader in her classroom and community who empowers everyone around her.

Pete feels that the power of Inspire is that it affects more than just the nominees. The Inspire Awards allow others to see themselves in a position of success. Women and girls of all races and socio-economic backgrounds are able to envision themselves as influential leaders no matter what industry they work in or what their future goals are. Pete is honored to be a part of this mission – inspired women inspiring other women.