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Inspire Women

A community dedicated to supporting women’s achievements across industries ― to inspire and help you inspire others.

Nominations Open January 1, 2024
Inspire 2021

Who We Are

Inspire – Celebrating Women Leadership awards was created in 2015 as an avenue to honor influential and deserving women in our community, serving in fields such as business, government, philanthropy, education, health care and more. It’s a chance to recognize women having huge positive impacts on Lincoln and young women who are preparing to be the next such leaders. Since the inception of Inspire, we have had the honor of celebrating over 300 such Lincoln female leaders.

Since then, it has grown into an entire community with regular events, a monthly newsletter and videos to connect women leaders and their supporters. Along with our scholarship sponsor, Union Bank & Trust, we have been able to offer $50,000 to local high school students to pursue their educational goals.


The Journal Star couldn’t do it without the help of our sponsors, our advisory board and people like you who nominate the Inspiring women that they run across in their personal and professional lives. Thank you for introducing Inspire to so many amazing Lincoln women.

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